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A self-care revolution is on.

Gone are the days when masturbation was only seen as a dirty word during sex-ed. Sexual fulfillment has gone mainstream and the new MasturMate Handle is leading the charge. Our revolutionary design gives you precise control where you need it most and will breathe new life into that toy box you keep under your bed. But the fun doesn’t have to end when your alone time does, as the MasturMate can also be used with a partner.

The MasturMate Handle is also a perfect companion for the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Loc dildo mount.

Take control of your sexual desires and explore your body in new and exciting ways with MasturMate.


Use your MasturMate vaginally, anally, standing up, lying down, reclined, or any comfortable position you choose, the possibilities go as far as your imagination. The MasturMate Handle allows for two dildos, or any combination of toys at the same time. The revolutionary design gives you complete control of thrusting, depth, angle, speed, and rhythm – all right where you need it.

Explore! You will love it.

Use by yourself or with a partner.
Half the fun is exploring new and exciting ways to play with your MasturMate. Vaginal, anal, & oral play is all possible and all under your control.

The possibilities are truly endless with the right tools and right imagination.

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